The November Show is this Sunday!

Just a reminder to all you lovely artists out there that this Sunday (November 11) we are having our last show of the year, and it’s an open mic! Come read to us, sing to us, play for us, make us laugh or cry!

Signups are on Sunday, but tell us you’re coming and share this event with friends who are looking for some stage time.

Looking forward to seeing you!


A New(ish) Direction.

Happy Fall to you all!

I’m very excited to come on board as the new director of Slackline! I have big shoes to fill in Evan’s absence and am looking forward to a new year with some new traditions.

I know some of you have been wondering if Slackline will continue, and if there will be a November show. Good news! We are going forward! There will be a Slackline show in November as scheduled, but as an open mic segment while new ideas and plans for future shows are put in place.

The open-mic show is November 11, 2018 at the Burdock. We start at 6pm, signups are at 5:30pm on a first come, first served basis until spots are filled. Please take a look at our current mandate on our website before signing up. Tickets are $10 or PWYC. Come and show off 5-10 minutes of your latest work, or just come for a brew and support Toronto artists!

Now onto the more nitty gritty…

There will be some changes to Slackline that will come into effect in 2019 for our January show. These plans include opening up the stage to both emerging and established artists, as well as a new submission system for artists hoping to showcase at a Slackline show.

In more exciting news, this submission system will also be connected to the call for submissions for Slackline’s first ever online publication, due to release on our website in December 2019! Keep an eye out for an official call for submissions of Poetry, Fiction, NonFiction, and Art that will be posted here and on all socials.

Something I’ve always respected about Slackline is how it is kept together by a group of dedicated volunteers. In that light, Slackline is currently looking for volunteers to help with visual media (posters, web design, branding) and social media management. Please get in touch at and let us know what you would like to contribute, any qualifications, and what your favourite poem/book/short story is. If you can’t think of anything then let us know your favourite movie, or something about you you’d like us to know.

Otherwise, the website will be redesigned and updated before our January 2019 show.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Be well!

-Set Shuter

Introducing Slackline’s Incoming Director

Slackline has a new director. Meet Set.

FullSizeRender (1)

Set is a writer and filmmaker born and raised in the GTA. She holds a BA from the University of Waterloo where she studied criminology and media portrayals of police surveillance in Canada. Since leaving academia Set has worked in post production as a freelance colourist and DIT as well as a writer, director, and producer. A recent graduate of the Humber School for Writers, Set is currently finishing up her first novel, Birds Die. When she isn’t working on movie sets in Toronto you can find her curled up in her apartment with a good book or horror movie, or in Nova Scotia writing her days away by the ocean.

Thanks. Stay Tuned.

After 2 full years, Evan (me) and Jess (and Hannah, and maybe Drew) are leaving Slackline. It’s been just a wonderful time. So many amazing shows, so many artists, so many friends. If you’d like to learn more about who was involved with Slackline over the past two years, check our Team page. And a big ol’ thanks to last night’s artists and audience. Ya’ll made me cry with your kindness and gratitude.

You can also find pictures from last nights show posted here:

As for the future of Slackline, we are happy to say it will be continuing, though in likely a totally new direction and with new directors. This transition will likely take several months. Stay tuned for more info.


Tonight is the July Slackline, ya’ll!

Guess what!? We’re starting in only a few hours. You could win book prizes. Or some sketching-art supplies. Or piles of zines. Or you could blab philosophy and medicine with Terese. You could chat about art and the outdoors with Arlen (or buy one of his stunning wood-backed prints). Or melt over Dorian’s music. Discover why Daven doesn’t fuck with Hagel. Uncover Paul-Daniel’s bold-voice and his world cup woos. Thank Andrew for exposing himself (mentally, I mean). Get Jess to show you endless pics of our cockapoo Kara. Comment on Drew’s always fresh outfit. Query Denis about Trash Mag’s future. Get MLA to sign their new book when you win it. Bask in the awkward beauty that is Alvin. Receive a world of compliments from the expert listener Jackson. Try to match Hannah’s endless smile. Oogle Terry’s new haircut (or talk about anything with him really). Create listicles with Christine. Verbally push culinary or astronomical boundaries with Kramer. Buy Charleen’s wicked latest book. Ask Evan what’s next for Slackline. Or you could do anything else you want, really. But here’s a list in case you’re not feeling creative. Anyways, see ya soon I hope. Love.

Poster 3

Slackline’s July Show is Just 1 Week Away!

Friends! We’ve got a show coming up in just 1 week. 6 artists, Burdock, Sunday, July 8, 6-8PM. + 4 Prize Packs raffled-off to those who RSVP to the Facebook Event!

  1. Delet This, the debut poetry collection from past Slackliner, MLA Chernoff; plus 3 other wonderful recent poetry collections.
  2. 5 of the latest fiction books of the season.
  3. The best 15 zines (chosen by us) from the 2017 Broken Pencil Zine Awards!
  4. Sketching How-To Skills Kit (includes instruction book, pencils, sketch pad, and more).

The May Show 2018 Pictures

Thanks again to all the folks who turned up to our event/party last night. We have always and will always be thankful to the community’s overwhelming support. And thanks to the Burdock team who always make our events so smooth! And congrats to Moez, Hajer, and Jack who all won prizes for RSVPing at the FB event!

See ya at the July show! //8 July 2018//

Picture from last night are now up on our website!

March 2018 Show Pictures

Hey there, frienders. If you came out to The March 2018 Show, we want you to know that you are the reason we keep on. Thanks to all of you, Slackline was able to pay our artists more than we ever have before, and jeeze was it worth the money! Such an outstanding event. And if you missed it, and you want a little taste, check out the event photos, available on our website now.