[As of July 2018, Slackline is transitioning into a new direction with new directors. Stay tuned for more info and updates]

Slackline Creative Arts Series is a volunteer-run arts collective assisting, presenting, and promoting new and emerging artists of all mediums. Primarily, we host an artist showcase event once per month. While our drive is to present younger artists, we are still open to all voices.

We currently host a gallery and performance style event on one miscellaneous Sunday every two months at Burdock Music Hall, 1184 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON, M6H-1N2.


To exposes the remarkable talent of Canada’s diverse artists. To always work towards inclusivity and accessibility for peoples and artistic mediums. To be a professional organization that performers, volunteers, listeners, and spectators are proud to be a part of.


A community where emerging artists of all mediums and personal identities feel accepted and feel motivated to share their creations.


_dsc0946We realize that there is an equity and equality problem in Canada, and in Canada’s arts scene, and Slackline in trying to help.  At Slackline events, expect to see a variety of presenters who identify with a specific community or marginalized group—or possibly multiple!  Slackline is not exclusive, it is inclusive, and we will always try our best to bring people together.  If you consider yourself an artist from a disproportionately-recognized community, and you want to present your art, please-please-please let us know!

We feel that artists deserve more than just applause for their hard work, but unfortunately Slackline does not yet have any grant money, and therefore we cannot offer our artists pre-set honourariums. Our shows are PWYC at the door, but as you’d expect, it only collects so much. This is our long-winded way of saying sorry to our performers for not being able to promise a much-deserved pre-set payments.  It’s also our way to say: hey, the PWYC is really important, and anything you can give helps.



Evan J Hoskins

Slackline was created by, Evan J Hoskins (but could not have begun without the help of Jess Crawford), and is now run by a team of amazing young artist volunteers. Being an emerging artist can be an isolating experience, I know, and I’ve found over the years that the Toronto arts community can feel like it’s doing little to help. So we gave birth to Slackline.  Slackline’s first goal is to be a place where emerging artist of all mediums can come together to showcase their work in an accepting and social environment.